June 2003
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Project Name: Absolut Vodka Bottle Cozy  
Designer: Cynthia Rowley
Pattern Source: None
Yarn: Brown Sheep Wildfoote
Yarn Source: Leftover from my argyle for the Master Knitter's Program
Date Started: 6/3/03
Date Completed: 6/13/03

A couple of Christmases ago, Absolut Vodka ran this ad:



I "absolutely" loved the cozy. Some cozies had been sent out as a marketing piece, so I bought one off of eBay and deconstructed the pattern. Fast forward to June, 2003. My friend Alissa was moving into her first apartment post-divorce. I taught Alissa to knit and we were part of a little knitting group for a while, so I thought this would be the perfect housewarming gift at her Martini party. I'm not crazy about how my reindeer look and my duplicate stitch isn't very nice, but overall, it was a nice project! This is obviously a picture of the front and back